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Swift innovation and innovative technologies in the production and control process segment ensure our future with the aim to successfully acquire new customers. We work in accordance with the rules of the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 with the goal to create safer work processes, to avoid errors before troubleshooting and to control all costs.
Our machine park represents the current state of the art.
It allows us fulfilling the most demanding customer desires flexibly and with the highest precision.

Machine park and production options:

• 16 processing centers for work pieces
   of up to 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm x 6,000 mm
• 2 carousel turning lathes for diameters up to 5,000 mm and 2,500 mm in height
• 5 cycle-controlled lathes for work pieces
   of up to 800 mm in diameter and 3,000 mm in length
• 15 turning and milling centers for work pieces
   of up to 900 mm in diameter and 4.500 mm in length
• Deep-hole drilling of round work pieces
   centric up to 3,000 mm and eccentric up to 2,000 mm in lenght
• Deep-hole drilling of cubic work pieces up to 1,500 mm in lenght
• Wire cut EDM up to 800 x 800 x 400 mm
• Sawing, welding, grinding, honing, blasting and lacquering, chemical and    galvanizing processes

Quality control:

• 4 Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring machines
  for up to 3,000 mm x 3,000 mm x 6,000 mm


Baker Hughes • Forum Blohm & Voss Oil Tool • Rheinmetall • Fette • Bühler • MAN • Thyssen Krupp • RENK • Siemens • Flender


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